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As group owners, it's our job to help our members out and bring them next level value, right?

We also want to make sure that our time spent managing the group isn't wasted, and that it actually grows our business!

If you run a group and feel like you're missing out on capturing and nurturing more leads on autopilot, there's a few ways to improve that and get more sales from your group:

- You can constantly post to promote your lead magnets, optins, and go live to pitch stuff
- You can set up an automated system that grabs leads as they enter your group, and puts them directly in your funnel.

Which one seems like an easier way to get more customers? The second situation right?

Too many people are overthinking, wasting time, and trying to monetize their groups the wrong way...

But you're smarter than that aren't you?

You know there's a reason top influencers like Maxwell Finn, Rachel Pedersen, Akbar Shiekh, Dan Henry, Ryan Stewman, and many others are using Group Funnels to get the most out of their groups...

You want an EDGE in your marketing and want tools to do the heavy lifting for you so you don't have to copy and paste...

Cut out those $10/hour tasks and step up as the BOSS you are.. you've got better things to do than waste time on that!

Using Group Funnels will help you step your game up and get leads on autopilot daily with our unique system!

- Bulk Approve New Filtered Members
Collect Name, Welcome Questions, & Emails w/ 1 Click & Add To Your Database

- Automatically Add Emails To Your Email Service
So You Can Get More Leads & Follow Up Faster To Increase Engagement & Sales w/ Your FB Group

- Use For Unlimited Groups

- Private User Group
Networking With Hundreds Of Other Group Leaders & Influencers In The Support Community
  • New Member Welcome Hacks Training To Increase Engagement, Email Open/Click Rates, & Increase Reach & Sales ($200 value)
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